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Super Lash

Name : Super Lash

Generic Name : Bimatoprost

Manufacturer :

Packing : 1 bottle

Form : Liquid

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Super Lash is a powerful eyelash serum completed of polypeptides and essential minerals. Super Lash Serum nourishes your eyelashes which will become considerably longer within a few weeks. Buy super lash from Super lash Wholesaler.

Super lash dropshipping can make your eyelashes longer Thicker and darker. It can effectively activate follicle cells that in a “dormancy” condition, and then essentially, to increase the long-term inactivity feature of eyelash and make reactivate its growth. It can continuously thick the eyelash quantity and length on a same follicle cell, thereby to make eyelash heavier and healthier.

  • 5 Times Lengthier Lashes!
  • 45% Bigger Growth!
  • Much Darker, Much Fuller!
  • 93% Customer Satisfaction!


Try to apply Super Lash eye drop each night for 4 weeks long. Then stop the treatment for 3 – 4 weeks. If needed, repeat the treatment again.

It is highly recommended for:

  • Those who have short eyelashes
  • Those who have thin eyebrows
  • Those who are losing their eyelashes

Strengthens & conditions

Fortifies and nourishes the roots of lashes and brows to stop breakage and hair fall.

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