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Name :

Generic NameHydroxyurea

Manufacturer Cipla

Packing : 100 tablets

Form : Tablet

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  • What is hydroxyurea?Hydroxyurea influences certain cells in the body, for example, malignancy cells or sickled red platelets.Hydroxyurea is utilized to treat interminable myeloid leukemia, ovarian malignancy, and certain sorts of skin growth (squamous cell disease of the head and neck).Hydroxyurea is additionally used to lessen torment scenes and the requirement for blood transfusions in individuals with sickle cell frailty. Hydroxyurea won’t cure sickle cell frailty. It might likewise be utilized for purposes not recorded as a part of this pharmaceutical aide.What is the most imperative data I ought to think about hydroxyurea?

    Hydroxyurea can debilitate your insusceptible framework. Your blood should be tried frequently, and your malignancy medications may be deferred.

    Utilizing hydroxyurea may build your danger of creating different sorts of malignancy, for example, leukemia or skin tumor. Wear defensive garments and utilize sunscreen when you are outside.

    What would it be advisable for me to talk about with my medicinal services supplier before taking hydroxyurea?

    To ensure hydroxyurea is alright for you, tell your specialist on the off chance that you have:

    bone marrow concealment or iron deficiency (low red platelets);

    low levels of platelets in your blood;

    a background marked by skin growth;

    abnormal amounts of uric corrosive in your blood;

    HIV or AIDS;

    kidney illness (or on the off chance that you are on dialysis);

    liver illness;

    a pancreas issue; or

    on the off chance that you are getting chemotherapy or radiation.

    Utilizing hydroxyurea may build your danger of creating different sorts growth or leukemia. Converse with your specialist about your particular danger.

    This medication can hurt an unborn child or reason conception imperfections. Try not to utilize on the off chance that you are pregnant.

    Both men and ladies taking this medication ought to utilize contraception to avert pregnancy. Hydroxyurea use by either parent may bring about conception imperfections. After the last measurement of hydroxyurea, a man must utilize conception prevention for any longer than a lady.

    For ladies: Use compelling anticonception medication to anticipate pregnancy while you are utilizing this pharmaceutical and for no less than 30 days after your treatment closes.

    For men: Use anticonception medication to counteract pregnancy while utilizing hydroxyurea and for no less than 1 year after your treatment closes.

    This drug can likewise influence fruitfulness (your capacity to have kids), whether you are a man or a lady.

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